The Code of Practice

Genus Life Insurance Services (Genus) complies with The Life Insurance Code of Practice (the Code).

The objectives of the Code are to ensure that we:

  1. deliver a high standard of customer service throughout your relationship with us
  2. continuously improve the services we offer you
  3. communicate with you in plain language unless medical or other technical terminology is needed
  4. seek to increase consumer trust and confidence in the life insurance industry.

Genus follows and complies with the Code, as the insurance policies we administer are issued by Australian Life Insurers who are bound to comply with the Code’s standards and principles.

The Code deeply resonates with Genus’ own values which has been built around the principles of Clarity and Transparency, Fairness and Respect, Honesty, Timeliness and Plain Language.

Our Commitment to the Life Insurance Code of Practice

As part of Genus’ commitment to the Code, we have developed the following 5 Client Guides that set out the standards you can expect from our services every step of the way.

Ongoing communications about your cover

Explore our standards for ongoing communication to existing clients about your cover.

How can we support you?

Understand how we support our vulnerable clients and the tools and services we offer in doing so.

Managing your concerns

We set out the procedure for how we deal with and resolve clients’ concerns and complaints.

Access to your information

Find out about the process to follow to gain access to information collected and stored by us.

Making a claim

Understand the claims process including how your claim will be progressed and our communications with you.

If you have any questions or require further assistance in regard to our commitment to the Life Insurance Code of Practice please contact our Client Care Team on 02 8279 2965 or email us at

The Life Code Compliance Committee (LCCC) is an independent body established to monitor compliance with the Code. Its aim is to ensure consistent and high-quality service standards are provided to customers by the life insurance industry. The LCCC enforces the Code by monitoring compliance, investigating code breaches and imposing sanctions where appropriate.

If you believe Genus may have breached the Life Insurance Code of Practice, contact our Client Care Team on 02 8279 2965 and or register your complaint here.